Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Welcome to the Therapeutic Boarding Schools website.  This website was created with the intention of providing accurate and helpful information regarding alternative youth academic programs and other treatment options for adolescents who are struggling with different behavioral and mental health issues.  We hope that you find the answers that you are looking for and the help that you need on these pages.

What Are Therapeutic Boarding Schools?

therapeutic boarding schools
Like many other youth treatment programs, therapeutic boarding schools are safe havens for adolescents that suffer from many different life struggles.  In these programs, teens are given the opportunity to achieve personal, academic, behavioral, and social growth through psychological support and a high quality educational curriculum.  Students are housed on campus during enrollment where they live in dormitories with other students working toward similar goals.  The atmosphere in these programs is that of positivity and achievement as troubled teens learn many different tools to help them become responsible and self-disciplined young adults. We’ve learned a lot about boarding schools for teenagers on one of our favorite websites therapeutic boarding schools page.

What Are the Benefits of Adolescent Education Programs?

Therapeutic boarding schools are safe and supervised home-away-from homes where parents can relax, knowing that their children are being taken care of and watched over.  For parents with extremely destructive adolescents, these curriculums can be life-saving.  Kids that struggle with drug addiction or suicide ideation can be enrolled in these programs and have 24 hour support and care from professional medical and mental health care workers.  Students with less severe troubles are given a positive and productive environment to spend their free time.  Many adolescents make significant behavioral improvements simply from being removed from a negative group of friends or bad environment.  These academic programs can offer difficult teenagers stability and consistency in a group of peers working through similar challenges in life.

Are there downfalls of Therapeutic Boarding Schools?

Unfortunately, there are several downfalls of therapeutic boarding schools.  One of the biggest struggles with these curriculums is the very high academic and behavioral standards that the programs hold for each student.  Often times, the pressure of reaching and maintaining standards is difficult for troubled kids.  Adolescents that deal with anxiousness or depression might find it difficult to keep up with everyone else, or worry that they will disappoint others if they fail.  This creates a very stressful atmosphere for many students and might end up causing more devastation than help.  Therapeutic boarding schools also use social interaction as a way to help teens with emotional problems.  For some adolescents, it can be extremely scary to talk to their peers and, again, this could be more damaging to a child than beneficial.  Struggling adolescents have different needs.  It is important to make sure that the needs of a child is going to be met in any chosen form of treatment.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Alternative Options

There are alternative treatment options to therapeutic boarding schools for troubled adolescents.  One of the best alternative choices is a residential treatment centers.  Residential treatment centers are similar to therapeutic boarding schools, but without the academic pressures and stresses.  Though residential treatment centers have requirements that students must meet, they do not hold the same extreme expectations of private educational programs for troubled teens.  Our residential treatment centers strive to offer the very best treatment for destructive and difficult adolescents.  We know that many other adolescent treatment programs lack a healthy balance of education and therapy, so our program is developed to ensure that the best individual treatment is sought and provided to each student.  Our professional staff can help each child identify his or her personal challenges and work with them to find the very best course of treatment.

If your child is struggling with any minor or major emotional or behavioral problems, please contact us immediately.  We are confident that our highly recommended residential treatment centers can help provide the right kind of support that will allow your child to progress and mature into a stable, healthy young person.  Call one of our representatives right now to learn more.

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