Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys – What Are They?

Therapeutic boarding schools for boys are adolescent treatment programs that allow young men to receive intense psychological/behavioral care and support for many different emotional, behavioral, or learning problems while also receiving a full academic education.  Adolescents live on-campus where there is around-the-clock supervision and support for every child.  These are private academic treatment programs and parents are financially responsible for their children.  Parents often choose these programs because of the quality of education that students receive and as a means to provide adequate supervision for destructive adolescents.  Therapeutic boarding schools for boys are also single-sex programs that attempt to limit student distraction by not mixing genders during educational years.

How Alternative Youth Educational Programs Can Benefit Adolescents

The quality of education in these programs usually surpasses that of public education, which makes these curriculums popular with parents of struggling adolescents.  Kids with learning difficulties can receive the attention that they need because of smaller class sizes and highly qualified instructors.  Public education often has too big of class sizes for the instructors to focus on the needs of each individual student.  But, therapeutic boarding schools for boys have the private funding available to create a beneficial environment for students with many different needs.  Adolescents who struggle with ADD/ADHD, Autism, and defiance, lack of discipline, lack of respect, and other mood /emotional disorders can find quality professional care and support that can help them grow socially, intellectually, and emotionally.   Students are housed in dormitories and share their daily living spaces with other students.  This helps students learn many different skills like: effective communication, self-discipline, trust, and developing bonds with peers.  This setting is excellent for helping young men prepare for a college lifestyle.

Complications with Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys

Therapeutic boarding schools for boys do have some downfalls.  One of them is with adolescents who struggle with substance abuse and addiction, especially kids that have a long history of substance use.

The final and most serious fifth stage of drug use is defined by the youth only feeling “normal” when they are using. During this stage, risk-taking behaviors like stealing, drug dealing, engaging in physical fights, unprotected sex, or driving while intoxicated increase and they become most vulnerable to having suicidal or homicidal thoughts. - Webmd

therapeutic boarding schools for boys
Though many therapeutic boarding schools for boys offer help with substance abuse and addiction, not all of them ensure the right kind of treatment.  Some programs rely on the basic structure, discipline and supervision of the program to help students move past their personal challenges, but if the right kind of treatment isn’t provided, adolescents are very prone to regress back to old habits and behavior after they leave treatment.  This is devastating for kids that have very significant and severe emotional or behavioral problems.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys and Residential Treatment Programs

A great alternative to therapeutic boarding schools for boys is our highly recommended residential treatment centers for adolescents.  Our youth treatment program offers excellent care for teens that struggle with minor and severe emotional/behavioral or learning challenges.  We provide excellent professional medical and mental health care that will allow students to explore their own individual struggles, help identify where the troubles come from and develop successful treatment methods that can help each child learn how to effectively handle their troubles in a healthy way.  A common struggle that adolescents have is that they do not understand their feelings/emotions.  Most of the time, kids do not realize unhealthy thought patterns and that they can be treated and many of the therapeutic boarding schools for boys do not help students identify these.

Contact us today to learn more about our reliable residential treatment centers and how they can benefit you and your child today.  Nothing should stand in the way of your child’s recovery.  Help them find personal success.  Call us now to get your son help and continue learning more on our Therapeutic Teen Schools page.

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