Therapeutic Teen Schools

What are Therapeutic Teen Schools?

Therapeutic teen schools are academic programs for adolescents that help treat different mental health and behavioral problems.  They can also be excellent sources of help for kids with learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, and conduct disorder.  Depending on the curriculum, treatment can be based off of military structure, religious foundations, or strong educational preparation.  Not all of these curriculums allow coeducation.  Some are single-sex programs that strive to decrease the amount of distraction that adolescents experience while completing their education and receiving help for their personal struggles and challenges.  These educational programs typically house students on campus during enrollment and are privately funded.  Parents are responsible to cover the cost of tuition, room, and board for their children.

Advantages of Academic Programs for Troubled Adolescents

therapeutic teen schools
Therapeutic teen schools have many advantages over other youth treatment programs.  Academically, these private institutes allow students to excel in small classes with very qualified instructors.  Course materials are current, top-of-the-line, and private funding means that the curriculums are able to offer many classes and extra-curricular activities that students may not find in public education.  Socially, adolescents are able to learn valuable tools like effective communication, compromise, and respect.  Living in dormitories and sharing daily space with their peers, students are able to make mature and thoughtful decisions regarding those around them.  This is excellent preparation for college life.  Adolescents do not usually receive this type of social education before college and are not prepared to make mature decisions and prioritize their time.  These programs can be excellent prep academies for young boys and girls.

Disadvantages of Therapeutic Teen Schools

Therapeutic teen schools do have some limitations, however.   One thing that makes these programs somewhat complicated is the pressure that students feel due to the high standards the programs hold.  Adolescents that struggle with ADHD, anxiety, depression, or other emotional problems often find these academic treatment programs to be overwhelming.  Some therapeutic teen schools will advertise help for adolescents with these problems and more severe troubles like, substance abuse or addiction, but provide little professional care to help students overcome the underlying issues that have generated this kind of problem.  Without appropriate care for each individual issue, treatment is less than successful.  Though some students might do well during treatment, if they haven’t received the necessary treatment to continue progressing outside of treatment, they are likely to regress back to the same problematic behavior.  Another disadvantage is the high cost of the curriculum.  Youth treatment can be quite expensive from program to program.  The cost is worth quality care, but if a student is not receiving the best care possible, the cost is hardly worth it.

Therapeutic Teen Schools VS. Residential Treatment Centers

The best alternative to therapeutic teen schools is a residential treatment center.   These treatment options are very similar to therapeutic teen schools, but are much less stressful for students.  The high pressure atmosphere of therapeutic teen schools can be devastating to the emotional well-being of many adolescents and can really limit any personal progress.  Residential treatment centers allow students to receive a very high quality education without the stress of the extremely high standards of most youth academic boarding curriculum.  Our residential treatment centers are highly recommended youth treatment options.  We understand that the needs of adolescents vary and that one type of treatment method will not work effectively on every child and strive to provide the very best care for each adolescent.  We provide an excellent, well-trained support staff and the professional medical and mental health care that can develop the most beneficial treatment plan for every child.

If you have been looking for outside resources to help a struggling adolescent, we ask you to please contact one of our representatives right now.  We are confident that we can find the right kind of treatment for your child that will help him or her advance academically, emotionally, behaviorally, and socially.  Call us now to learn more about how to get your child on a path of success and happiness today.

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